Bloggers and Vloggers – Get more Followers, Shares Likes, Comments, and Motivation!

I've only recently learned of some pretty cool blogging tools, and as always I couldn't wait to post about them here on my blog. There are several groups on Facebook that offer so many neato motivational tools.

One of the simplest ways in my opinion to build your readership is to, read other blogs and show lots of love! If you run a Vlog, mention other bloggers on your blog. If you run a blog like this one, give shout outs to other blogs, link to them and comment on their stuff.

That's a great start, then, choose say 10 blogs that are on the same topic as your blog. Bookmark them in a folder, and then subscribe to them. Visit their blogs, leave comments, like their Facebook pages, and just be active, on those pages. This is a great way to get their attention and a great way to become a solid part of the Facebook Community.

There are also the Facebook Groups I mentioned above that offer some really neato resources!


Link Parties 

A link party is where a group of bloggers all decide to blog, Vlog on the same topic and then link to each others articles, that way when someone comes a long and reads one article, they're treated to a group of articles on the same topic. It's also not a bad way to make sure your articles have a ton of relevant links pointing to them!

Share for Share - Comment for Comment - Like for Like 

These exchanges are done in many fashions. Some groups let someone just pop in and post their page, YouTube Site, Facebook page, blog post, etc, and ask for likes/shares/comments, the person then promises to return in kind. In other groups, thins are a bit more organized, and you either reciprocate with the person above and below you, or everyone in a specific group, etc.

There are just a ton of these groups available on Facebook and they're fantastic for getting comments on your pages, getting faithful followers and building blogging relationships.

I just, today, started one of these groups, I started it because I want to be a part of a SUPER active group, with daily activities. I wasn't able to find one, so I'm creating one. You can find it HERE.

Helpful Blogging Groups


Getting Ready to Travel – Because Fat Girls Can Too!

I’m planning to go on a fantastic vacation! In fact, I’m not stopping there. I’m planning to plan adventure after adventure. I’m literally going to travel my ass off. Hopefully you can be a part of hat with me as well.

See I never knew I could go on a Cruise, or an airplane. I heard horror stories from my mom about fat girls that didn’t book to seats. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that if it isn’t first class, I’m not going!

Here’s a bit of irony for you. I went to the International Air and Hospitality Academy to learn to book travel. Well honestly, not just how to book it, but how to manage in the travel industries. I never did it though, because frankly, I never thought I could travel. So what was the point? I always figured when I lost the weight, I’d finally start living.

Honey let me tell you I’m totally done waiting.

On September 5th I’m announcing the location of my first #Fatgirlstraveltoo vacation! I’m opening up shop as a travel agent, for fat girls, and skinny girls too, hell I’ll even book travel for guys, but the point is, I’m doin’ the damn thing, and I’ll help you do it too!

For most excursions, you’ll need to make a payment of $25 to $50 per person, and then you’ll be able to make payments on your trip .

In the meantime I’ve been looking at some other big girl travel blogs, about sunscreen and plus-sized travel fashion.
I still remember the very moment that I learned that I could … do things. I weighed 410 lbs at the time, and I was very careful not to injure myself. Hell I could barely make it across the house without losing my asthmatic breath anyway.

Do things, imagine this, a big girl Zip-lining!!! That’s kind of a big one for me, given that my cousin had like 8 surgeries after a zip line’s break didn’t take. Anyway, I’d never watched the Biggest Loser before. Actually I was dead-set against that show. I’d seen a clip of it at someone’s house sometime ago and I thought, what the hell kind of show could just openly humiliate people like that? Make them walk up in front of America and stand on that scale… One day I realized they weren’t humiliated. They were so proud to be where they were. I watched, and I saw men that were bigger than me, weighed more than me, doing things!

They used the elliptical at the gym, they ran, they did stuff! I knew then I wanted to do stuff too! Heck, I’ve even applied to be on the show a time or two, and a scale doesn’t embarrass me anymore either! In fact, I’m here to teach my son that I’m not only big, I’m freakin gorgeous! #fatgirlscantoo #fatgirlsaregorgeous!

Travelling Back in Time – Camping on Mt. Hood

The Mount Hood National Forest holds many of my fondest memories. A youthfull kiss on top of a gravel pile as a teenager, my daughters first camping trip.. Years full of memories. My favorite trip up there though was with my kids. Watching my son and nephew ‘pee the fire out’, and my girls raft in the crystal clear waters of the Clackamas River. Just hanging out being singing campfire songs until my babies went to sleep.

I have had some pretty funny and eventful trips up there though. Once, my sister and I left the bottom part of the tent unzipped, and it filled with spiders. We were so tired, but piece by piece we emptied that tent and got rid of all of those scary spiders. Until finally, we saw the biggest spider we had ever seen. We screamed, I flailed. My arms flew all over the place. It had fallen from a blanket onto my chest. It must have been a damn site. Me just screaming, and backing up, and waving my arms in circles. It worked though. That spider, that we later learned was a Scorpion jumped right off of my chest, and… ran promptly back into our tent. …

That trip was also our most eventful ever journey! We’d just gotten back to the campground after being lost, with three kids at Bagby Hot Springs. Our flashlights all died, I had my 2 year old on my shoulders, my sister and I were each carrying a 3 or 4 year old, and we were bone tired!!! Finally, someone made some noise in the distance, we called out to them and they lead us back to the road.

4x Plus Sized Clothing

If you're my size, and especially if you're in my age group and like me you can't sew a stitch you'll be able to relate to my 'style' which has always been 'it pretty much fits'. I buy whatever fits and isn't absolutely old lady looking. I don't really know what my sense of style is, I have never really found choices. Until the Internet. Now, I can buy things I like, not everything I like, but I can find some things, and build my own style.

Check out what I bought this month!

Pink Queen Women's Plus Size V Neck Multicolor Striped Casual Maxi Dress in Green

Many people on Amazon say that this dress is sized small, so be aware of that. I don't think it's small, I think it's super form fitting. It's made of a stretchy, clingy material and honey it will show your curves! Now I have some big big arms and this dress strangled them! I cut the seam on the underside of the arm to get some room for my arm, but that really wasn't enough, I'll probably cut the whole band off of it and see if that makes it more comfortable because I absolutely love it! 

Barbra's 6 Pack of Women's Regular & Plus Size Lace Boyshort Panties

I just love these lace booty shorts! The only problem is .. they don't love me! I'm about a size 30 in pants. I don't really know my panty size, but 4x in these panties isn't it! There's a bright side though... it was super duper easy to process the refund request via Amazon. All I have to do is print a shipping label and send them on their way and the refund will pop right into my Amazon account. YAY! 

If you're smaller than me, these might be a good choice. I should actually measure my body so I know what in the heck to order :D.  Like 'em? You can check them out here on Amazon

Veroge Womens Plus Size Empire Waist Chevron Zigzag Floor Length Maxi Dress

I love, love, OMG Love this dress! It's bright, bold, and I look great in it! I got the 4x in blue and it's form fitting around the bust, so I have a little shape, and then billowy everywhere else. It does drag the ground a bit even in my sketcher sandals. Love the dress? It's also available on Amazon. I feel safe shopping on Amazon, plus I get free shipping with Amazon Prime, so I buy a lot off of that site. 😀

If you're not familiar with Amazon Prime, and are a new Prime customer, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Future Goals I guess. ACEVOG Vintage 1950's Floral Spring Garden Party Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress

This was by far and large one of my favorite finds this month, but ... it didn't fit! It was a great deal, and it's a gorgeous dress, but ... it came from China, and the sizes don't quite match up to American standards... I ordered the 4x, and got what I'd say is about a 1x.

I put in a return request on Amazon and it was processed and approved IMMEDIATELY! The company also emailed and asked if we could just split the difference. They'd give me back half the cost of the dress, and I could then keep the dress and gift it someone. What an awesome deal! A dress for my daughter, or sister, or someone, and I get $8 free. No brainer there. I agreed and the money was back in my account within a day. So, the dress is a no-go for me, but the customer service was 5-star.

MayriDress Maxi Dress Plus Size Clothing Black Ball Gala Party Sundress Designer

This is another really great dress. I always get a slew of compliments when I wear it! It also drags the ground, and i'm 5'8.5" so if you're my height or less, expect to wear heels with it. It's super flowy and pretty, comes with a built in slip. Be sure and look at the bodice closely on Amazon so you know what that looks like.I was a bit surprised, but still love it! Looking for comfy heels to wear with this? As mentioned above, Sketcher has some great choices this year.

Pokémon GO in Tillamook

My Awesome Weekend

I had the most fantastic weekend this last week! I was bebopping around with my daughter and her little family and found an awesome deal on a bike in an antique shop I never even knew was there before. We were on our way to check out the Octopus Tree in Cape Meares when her boyfriend saw the shop and said we should go sometimes.

No time like the present, so we went on into Dickies Second Hand Store on highway 131 and low and behold I bought a great lookin' Schwin on the cheap! We carried on to Oceanside where my granddaughter and I went on a great walk, and my daughter and her boyfriend checked out the caves in Oceanside.

The Next Morning, I met Pokémon GO

I'd actually tried to download the app the previous day but the game servers were overwhelmed. Then, finally, I was able to sign up for an account, and before you knew it... my son had adopted my cell phone! :D.

We went for a 2 mile walk though, which I do every now n then, and he generally passses on. I burned 800 calories, and he wandered the streets capturing innocent Pokémon!

So what's the dealio? What is Pokémon Go?

You download the app to your mobile device, and then you use Pokémon balls to hit and then capture Pokémon creatures that are going to show up on a map, right where you're walking! Pokemon balls aren't infinite though, you're going to have to go get more. There are PokéStops at pretty much every church in town. There are also stops at most monuments and landmarks.

There are three PokéStops at GoodSpeed Park, and another at the Nazarene Church and yet another at the 7th Day Adventist across the street from Goodspeed. This makes Goodspeed so popular that police actually have to boot people out throughout the night after the park has closed.


Tillamook PokéStops

  • Goodspeed Park
  • The Rodeo bar and Grill
  • Debbie D's
  • The Fairgrounds
  • All the Churches
  • The Post Office
  • The Train Next to the Transit Center
  • The Transit Center
  • The Library
  • The Slough
  • A Memorial Rock in the parking lot of the Taco truck on the South side of 101.
  • There are a few at cheese factory.
  • Blue Heron
  • The Park on 9th


Pokémon Gym's in Tillamook

Looking for a Pokémon Go Gym? Here's a list of a few in Tillamook. Know of more? Add them in the comments. My son says there's not one at Dick's. So someone add a correction in the comments if hes right too! 😀

  • Goodspeed Park
  • Blue Heron
  • TIllamook Cheese Factory
  • The church across the street from the library. 
  • Dicks Sporting Goods Parking Lot 

Displaying Screenshot_2016-07-13-21-44-19.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2016-07-13-21-44-19.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2016-07-13-21-44-19.pngkilchis-pokemon-stops

Kilchis Point Reserve - Pokéstops

There are a couple really cool places to find Pokémon and Pokémon in the county outside of Tillamook. Kilchis Point Reserve is one great example. The trail is flooded with Pokéstops, the problem here is that the GPS seems to need to be recalibrated so the PokéStops aren't on the path. You'd have to do some serious off roading to get to most of them. 

Also, the moment we set a lure, a Pokémon shows right up, outside of that though, there was pretty much nada. 


Baycity Pokémon

There are a handful of PokéStops in Bay City including the below:

  • The Fire Station 
  • 2 at the Park
  • The Water Tower
  • The Arts Center
  • Pacific Oyster

Garibaldi Pokémon

There are three PokéStops in the parking lot of the Garibaldi Museum, so far, every time we've stopped there, there's been a seal. The Marina is absolutely loaded with PokéStops and cool Pokémon.

I killed my celly playing Pokémon today, but there will be screenies to follow. 

Independace Day

I woke up today ready to conquer the world. I messaged my daughter as she’s usually up as early as me and makes a fantastic morning companion, and then I started adding the tillamook pages to this website. That was all well and good, but then… I let all the worries of recent get to me. I got Sabrina to let me take her to the doctor and they did nothing. I got a police officer to find Lexi, and really there’s nothing they can do, at least now I know where she is.

Then I almost got Sabrina to let me take her to a second doctor but her boyfriend wanted to go, and I guess I decided to let my feelings solidify my independance. You know it’s a hard thing to face to know that you’re really not anyone’s number 1 anymore. I’m not my children’s number 1, that’s for sure, hell, she still cares more about her ex’s feelings than mine. She said as much.

I’m not even sure I’m my husband’s number one, but I sure do wish he’d take care with his health, life will be so lonely without him one day.

As for Sabrina, this man that I do not even close to approve of, that’s her #1. I don’t have to approve though, that’s the age we live in. She makes her choices around him. Wherever I invite her, she asks if he can come. He’s a self proclaimed devil worshiper, and he’s helping raise my sweet beautiful granddaughter. The way he speaks to her… But that’s none of my business, and no matter how  badly he treats me, or my granddaughter, I should have just said yes when she asked if he could go to the hospital too.

I didn’t though, I said no.. and so my little girl that has zero energy, and is bruising for no reason at all, and can barely walk she’s in so much unexplained pain, didn’t go to the hospital. Because I’m selfish and spoiled, and was hurt by the way he spoke to me like I was nothing the day before, by the way her being hurt so inconvenienced his mini-golf game. Now she’s still hurting, and I wrecked her day, and mine, and I can now officially spend independence day, independently. Well at least I made my point right? Idiot.

She told me that it’s okay, she said I never like anyone she brings around. That really hurt my feelings, because I do try! I like her best friends, Dominick, Stephanie, Abby. I tried to like Daggot, but he was soooo abusive, how can you like someone that tears your baby up like that. Later we learned he was also convicted of a pretty serious crime. So no, I don’t care to much for him at all, and the feeling is mutual.

I tried to like this new one though, I really and truely did. He’s mocked me, laughed at me, attacked me on Facebook, he’s disrespectful, and he won’t even try to stop cussing around my granddaughter or smoking for that matter… but I did try.. I really did. i never had to like him though, I just had to act as though I did so i didn’t lose her.. why do I always have to let everyone know what I feel?

When my child goes missing.

My daughter is targeted by an adult. She's a pretty young teenager, 14 currently, though her predator met her when she was 11 and began perusing her when she was 13.

She can be a pretty wild girl. I'll be upfront about that. She's pretty headstrong, and at times, my community seems to blame her for his targeting of her. Today he's in jail. In a few days, he'll accept yet another plea bargain that again doesn't include any jail time, and he'll walk freely along the same streets as my child.

This time instead of just being subject to a Sexual Abuse Protection Order, he'll be a registered sex offender, and he'll be on probation and not allowed to contact minors until my daughter is 18. That's very little comfort believe me.


It's something though. In the past, she's run to and with him upon his request. My heart is dead when she's gone. I search and search, I pray and I cry. I used to immediately call the police, and then I called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Neither entity has been a lot of help in finding her, or in arresting him. Sometimes I think they really do try, and sometimes I'm not that sure. Maybe it really is the laws that bind them, but I am never sure. I actually have become fond of a few of these police officers, but in this murky world where there are drugs, illegal child porn, and the habitual theft of my child by a predator.. I'm just never sure who to trust. I've reported his mother for taking her over state lines, nothing happened.

There is a HUGE burden of proof involved. Why is that? I don't want the innocent to go to jail anymore than anyone else, but .. if they were seen smoking meth together, and she tested positive for meth, why do they actually have to HAVE meth to get the predator charged with contributing?

I live in a small town, and people tell me that the police run the drugs. They tell me that the perpetrator is a confidential informant, that he's a relative of one of the officers, that he's a relative of elected officials. I don't know what to think of any of that. So I just put my faith in the same law that gave my son more time for identity theft than it gave this sexual predator for nearly destroying my child, and really my well being as well.

I'm continuously threatened at work. I know that I shouldn't stay up all night and search for her. What do you do though? What do you do when you're wondering what drugs he could be pumping into her, and if tonight will be her last? I search, I cry, and I pray. I have anxiety and insomnia anyway, it's not like I'd be sleeping if I wasn't out searching.

Tonight I know where she is. I thank you Jesus for that.

So what should you do when it's your child that is missing?

Use the hell out of social media. But get ready, you're going to need especially thick skin. Thank you to all of you that have messaged me late at night, told me where she is, or that you've seen her. Thank you for those messages of support from others of you. Thank you to those of you in this community that whether you condemn me or her, still look out for her. I walked home from court recently, listening to people tell me how it's her fault, and how she lies about her age. How I need to tame her. I don't care what you say, as long as you testify to the truth. 100% truth please, and go ahead and throw your opinions in there too, because the law is the law, so your opinions mean nothing to me, shout em out if it makes you feel better.

I read hateful messages every-time i post. They say 'there must be a reason she keeps running..' they're looking for anyone to blame but this predator for her disappearances. Sure, I'm to blame, he's to blame, she's to blame, the community at large that continues to provide them safe passage and places to use drugs, they're to blame too. Is that the point? Hell is there a point?

Anyway, when she goes missing, I post on social media, as soon as possible. I share some history, facts only, if I share an opinion, I declare it as an opinion, just to avoid being sued by the person I simply refer to as 'the pedophile'. It's just a nickname, though I think there are enough convictions now to consider it a fact, I haven't researched the word, so I won't be making the declaration.


Call the Police
You can't be an army of one. Call the police. They are better at canvassing than you are, so if your child is outside, they have the best chance at finding them.

Check every electronic device
While you're waiting for the police, check their phone, their tablet, your phone, check anything they login to and see if they're still logged in. See if you can discern who they're with, where they are.

Use children services
If you know your child is in a house, and you know she's being either sexually abused, or using drugs, call in a child welfare check. The police might not be able to enter without a warrant, or proof that your child's inside, but ... Child Protective Services Can!

This is just what I do and I only posted it, because I couldn't find much when I googled it the first time she went missing. You can also call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, I hear they make fliers and stuff. They've told me there's really not much they can do for me, and the counselor I got wasn't the nicest fellow, so I don't call them anymore.