Tried and True Ways to Earn Legit Money Online

Earning Money Online

On this page, I'll share some websites and ideas with you where I already make money. Most of these are just sites I've actually used to earn extra money online, however, there may be affiliate links on this webpage and this blog may be paid to list some companies. 

Mystery Shopping

I am a mystery shopper. I get paid for being a mystery shopper. I've mystery shopped our local grocery stores, several banks, some fast food places, and dozens of apartment communities. I do not pay to mystery shop. That doesn’t mean that some legitimate mystery shopping doesn’t cost money.

Writing Online for Money


If you know me personally, you know I once made an entire career out of writing casino and gambling content for the internet. I found a niche at just the perfect time. I’d like to share with you some legitimate ways to earn money as a writer online.

If you’re interested in earning cash online, you might try blogging or building other websites such as this one. I earn a hundred or so dollars a month by writing blog posts just like this one.  I’ll be the first to tell you that these numbers aren’t great. If you put in real effort, you’ll surpass my earnings in no-time.

You can also sign up for sites such as where you can choose titles from hundreds of articles that need to be written. The pay usually ranges from a couple dollars to $10 or $20. It’s not huge, but it adds up. You can also try forums where writers are hired such as: Poker Affiliate ListingsDigital Point where you can get paid to design images, write, post on forums, and a number of other things, and several others.

Great Places to Find Writing Gigs

Local Publications that Hire Writers

Useful Articles about Writing




Direct Sales

Most of you know I’ve been a Pure Romance Rep, and am now a LegalShield Rep. Actually I’ve tried Pure Romance, Tupperware, Avon, and am usually up to try anything, in fact I’m strongly considering Jamboree, or however you spell it. I do think we already have one where I live though… but then, we probably have 6 Tillamook Pure Romance reps, 10 or more Mary Kay reps, etc. Anyway, this is another way to earn cash. It’s also a way to spend a lot though, so keep in mind, your miles may vary :D.

My favorite though is my career with Inteletravel through Plannet MarketingI'm a home-based travel agent. I earn a $50 commission whenever a new agent signs up under me. So you could literally just sign up and refer other people and never sell travel. You wouldn't want to do that though, as a travel agent I enjoy all industry discounts, invitations to free trips, and I earn free cruises for myself by booking free cruises. Actually, both Sandals and Club Med give me the opportunity to earn free travel, as does .. well pretty much the entire city of Las Vegas. The opportunity is sadly only currently open to United States residents. Oh, I forgot to mention, when you refer new travel agents, you don't just get that $50, you get a commission when they sell travel too! 😀