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During my time as a blogger and a freelance writer, I have been blessed with many successful relationships when it comes to working with large brands and smaller individual companies. I am open to all opportunities so long as the content is relevant to my readers. I have a pretty large range of readers, mostly mammas.

I'm quite particular about what Ill endorse. Ill check anything out, but this is an honest blog. If I wouldn't recommend a product to my friends and family, I wont recommend it to my readers. That being said however, I do love to recommend the things I love to well, anyone who'll listen. If you know of a place, product, or idea I should check out, fill out the contact form on this page, or email me at CoastalCathy@gmail.com.

Travel Writing

 Coastal Cathy - Travel Writing

The team at Coastal Cathy is available for travel as a Brand Ambassador, review writer, or journalist. I absolutely loves to experience new things and share them with readers. If you're looking for writers for a FIT or press trip, I am available and will submit unique copy to 10+ major and several local outlets for each trip that I attend. The first trips that I consider are family based trips. I like to travel with family, and I love to talk about it. I am available to travel as a duo, a family of five, or a family of up to 20. Whatever age group you're targeting, you'll be covered on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook and Facebook Live, and possibly YouTube, in addition to print stories, articles submitted to travel blogs, and what's posted here on Coastal Cathy. We absolutely specialize in social media blitzing.

In addition to writing about my travel experiences, all excursions will be covered in the moment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other relevant social networking platforms at that time.

Fashion and Plus Size Fitness Writing

As an adventure seeking plus size traveler, Coastal Cathy is available to blog about the latest in plus size fashions, and plus size travel, and all other things to do with the plus size world, except for dieting. The belief at Coastal Cathy is that big is beautiful, small is beautiful, happy is the most beautiful.  I absolutely love to show plus sized readers that they can get out there and live life, my focus is not on changing my readers shapes, it's on shaping happy, adventurous, active lives. 

Recipe Development and Food Writing

I do not cook. However, Rebecca Rosales my sister and co-blogger is an amazing cook. She is absolutely fantastic when it comes to recipe development and food writing/blogging or creation assignments. Rebecca is available for compensation only. She is not available for brand mentions or for exposure, exchange of goods and services, etc.

Rebecca accepts work with clients that intend to work with her on an ongoing basis before accepting one off assignments.

Contract Freelance Writing

I have been a successful freelance writer for more than ten years now. I can provide original content to fit any needs specifically tailored to your  brand or product.


Brand Ambassador

I am available as a brand ambassador utilizing a number of social media outlets in conjunction with blog posts and the possibility of print submissions.  I am available for travel in my journeys as a Brand Ambassador.

Social Media Marketing Management

Lets get your business or product on their minds! I can build a platform that includes blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, InstaGram and any other relevant social media platforms for your business. I will provide relevant content, and assist you in building ongoing readership.

What's New With You?

I love to learn and to experience life. If your company or brand is hosting an event, or launching a product, offering a class, hold a contest or supporting a cause, send me an invitation, an email, a press release.

If there's a place you would like me to visit or review, let me know, I absolutely love to write about new places and things to do!

Sponsored Blog Posts

If you are interested in promoting content, products, ideas, to the readers of Coastal Cathy, please reach out to me. If your content is relevant to Coastal Cathy readers, Id love to read your ideas.

Whats on your mind?

Interested in working with me in a way that'snot mentioned above? Give me shout! Im open to ideas, in fact, I love new ideas! Let me know whats on your mind, and well discuss ways that we can work together!


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