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Big Family Travels

Traveling with my children, both young and adult, and my granddaughter is one of the most fulfilling things I do on a day to day basis. That includes travel far from my home, and one of our favorite pastimes, acting like tourists right here on our own fantastic stretch of the Oregon Coast.

Over the last year or so we’ve visited several places throughout Oregon, we’ve taken pictures, played Pokémon, and really really bonded. I’m sure you are aware that there are already plenty of blogs out there that will teach you all about places in Oregon that you can travel with a 2-year-old such as my gorgeous granddaughter Amelia.

There are lots of things you can do with young men such as my son Malachai, and places like Evergreen Wings and Waves where you can splash your ass off with the whole group, which is usually 10-15 of us, and I’ll surely show you what you can do in all of those places. I’ll also show you all of it from a plus-sized travel perspective.

We’ll talk about little things like, do big girls fit in amusement park rides? Which ones? Is there a toilet stall large enough for a plus sized diva to comfortable turn around in, and a toilet a girl can sit on, while she wipes, without getting her hand wet in the bowl!

We’ll also talk about what in the world to wear to these places, also known as (if you know me.. don’t laugh… “Plus sized Fashion” not because I’m an expert, but because I am sure as hell not. I’ll be happy to share with you all of my drama and dramatic travels, snafu’s, chaos and other family fun!

In the meantime, I’ll be following some other fantastic mamma blogs, like My Little Nomads, and trying to figure out how in the heck to have a few less of these… oops we forgot the binky… are we really outta wipes… I totally sunburned my back in a sundress… and forgot my shades.. types of moments :D.