Blogging Benefits – Why Start a Blog?

You’re interested in starting a blog right? But why should you start a blog? What’s the point? Some of us are natural born writers. Some of us have a love of photography. Maybe you suck at both of those things, but you still have a story you want to tell?

Want to know why I started? Free stuff. I wanted to gain free entry to cool places for my kids on a wage that wasn’t anything near livable. Basically, I began blogging simply in exchange for admission.

I’ve visited some really great places on those terms. One of my favorites was Evergreen Wings and Waves. I’ve also gone to concerts as a blogger, including a pseudo Michael Jackson Concert at Chinook Winds Casino, Kumoricon, countless movies.  I was even invited on an all inclusive trip to Japan this year. Would you believe I didn’t have a passport and had to turn it down? I didn’t have to turn down a trip to Las Vegas though. So there’s that. Would you believe I STILL don’t have a passport. Geez. Get it together Cathy!. 😀

In my dreams, I’d be taking trips to all sorts of resorts all over the world with my entire family, especially cruises. I am enamored with Cruising and I’ve never even Cruised! John Heald are you out there? Hook a blogger up! 😀

HOSTGATOR Vs. WordPress Vs Squarespace

My very first blog was actually on, and I have a few free blogs over on WordPress too. They’re FREE!!! Right? So why wouldn’t you want to have a free blog?! Why would you pay for blog hosting and a domain name with Hostgator when you could use Blogger, or or Squarespace? The answer is simple, it’s money. You can’t have adsense, or be an Amazon Affiliate, or a Target Affiliate, or belong to any affiliate program if you don’t own your domain name and host your own website with a company like Hostgator.

Another Blog Killer is overthinking and making excuses!

So one thing I love to do is look pretty, I’m a plus sized avocate for all body shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, and I love to show people that big girls like me can look pretty. Okay listen… Blogging as a plus sized, sweaty, hikin’ big girl is not all about pretty! So I made excuses not to do videos, not to do live videos, not to post sweaty pic’s, and I loved to edit out my falls when I hiked, my mistakes, my voice, my fat. Excuses will kill your blogging vibe. People want to get to know THE REAL FREAKING YOU.  Post it all, the more stuff you post on your blog, the stuff people have to look at when they visit.  I’ll say right now, maybe it’ll suck. Some of my stuff sucks. No biggie, you can edit it later, get it up.

If you can’t sign up for hosting today, start writing. Start writing your first 20-50-100 blog posts, so they’re ready to go up when you can buy your blogs domain name and you can afford hosting. Once you get them posted, share your blog with the group! We’d love to see what you come up with!

Blogging isn’t just blogging! Blogging IS social media! 

Blogging isn’t just writing blog posts, in fact, you can earn a living as an influencer just by building a rockstar following on InstaGram, Pinterest, and Facebook without even creating a blog!  When something is new, and I do not understand it, I like to stick my head in the sand and ignore it. Don’t do that, get to know social media, and drive traffic back to your blog!

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