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I am a sucker for a waterfall I can touch! Even more so, I just  LOVE watching my granddaughter, Millie put her chubby little fingers in the water. I love seeing my 13 year old son feel free to climb, roam, dunk, splash and play, before he gets to that point in his life when he thinks he's to old to play. I made two recent trips to Hug Point with the family, and with my best friend, and hopefully future blogger, miss Amber Kopp. 

One of my favorite places to visit between Seaside and Lincoln City is Hug Point. It's a state park, or wayside,  located just before Cannon Beach if you're headed North toward Seaside, or Washington State, from Lincoln City, Rockaway Beach or Tillamook. There's not a ton of parking, so on a busy sunshine filled day you might find yourself parked out on the street, we haven't as of yet gotten so unlucky, but have seen plenty of cars parked there. There are a couple of disabled spaces, and a port-a-potty that's wheelchair accessible. I don't use a wheelchair, but in my opinion, you'd have a tough time getting down to the beach, and on the beach, in one if it wasn't specifically designed to traverse sand. 


Hug Point is full of Adventure! 

Hug Point is full of adventure for my teen, and my two year old granddaughter, and honestly, for the hidden photographer in all of us, for the would-be marine-biologist, and just for everyone. The area is full of paths, and really neat, but mildly smelly caves that can be adventured. There are different crustaceans and birdlife creeping about in the caves as well. The longer you look, the more you see. 

The Waterfall at Hug Point is My Favorite Part... Almost

Fortunately, I don't have a funny story about someone peeing on someone else's head at Hug Point to entertain you with. I can however offer you one of the most romantic, and free experiences on the Oregon Coast.  Just to the right of the waterfall, if you're facing it, there's a little hill. If you climb up over that hill, and you probably can. I weigh about 360lbs currently, and I can. I do get a little nervous coming back down, but I can do that too. .. anyway, if you climb up over that little hill, and follow the path not even 50 feet, you'll come across a pool of water. 

You can literally put your feet into that water, and watch a waterfall cascade over the hill you came up, as it flows on into the Pacific Ocean. You can do this with your Valentines Day sweetheart, or me, I put my feet into the water and watch my 2, almost 3 year old Millie toddle around in the water with glee, wearing a cute little swimsuit and a HUGE smile! 


In addition to the caves, there are really amazing tide-pools full where you might find barnacles, hermit crabs, shore crabs, star fish, anemone and other marine life just waiting to be discovered.  If you find something neat, and you're not sure what it is, you can reference the handy guide on Oregon Tide Pools.

For the historian in the group, my hubs, there's a really amazing old wagon trail that you can attempt to traverse by foot. Actually, the wagon trail is how Hug Point got it's name. The trail is so small, you had to hug the side of the mountain to keep your horse and buggy on the trail and out of the pacific ocean. It is super neat, you can even see old wagon wheel tracks permanently etched into the stone. 


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