Setting up Your Email Marketing List

I have a confession to make. I set up my mailing list MONTHS before ever touching it. I actually had 2500 email subscribers, people that opted into my mailing list of their own accord, because they wanted updates from my blog, that I just ignored. Why did I do that. Oh there were so many reasons. I was afraid to write to them! That was probably the biggest! What would I say? Funny, because here I am writing to you right?! I had no idea how to make emails that look good. I'm a few weeks in now, and I'm getting better at that, actually, constant contact, mixed with a little Canva, and it's really a no brainer.

Lawd!!! The traffic though! Now that I'm actually reaching out to my mailing lists, my traffic is quadrupling! What a waste those few months of ignoring, and not even really promoting my mailing lists were.

I read a few articles about why bloggers need mailing lists, and I thought, hmm. I'm going to give it a try! It's a dang good thing I did too! So that I can explain to you why bloggers need an email list. First though, let's go ahead and get you set up. I realize we're setting up your list before you even have a published blog post, and I have a very good reason! In a later issue, I'll be teaching you how to integrate this email list right into your new blog! That way your new blog readers can read your new blog posts! Exciting right?!

Not just that, but you'll be filling up your email lists before you even begin blogging! You'll be collecting a list of email addresses to use during your BLOG LAUNCH! We'll be giving people the option of singing up on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

*This post may contain affiliate links for products and services that  I love. That means that when you choose to work with companies I've partnered with, or negotiated a deal for you with, I earn a commission. **

Setting up Your Email List

While you're reading this email you'll see that setting up an email list with a site like Constant Contact or ConvertKit for Bloggers is one of the MOST effective forms of gaining long term traffic for your blog, and for any future projects you don’t even know you’re going to be involved in yet.

Once you get your email list set up, you might email your subscribers every time you post on your blog, or, if you’re a frequent poster, you might just want to stick to a weekly round-up of great posts. In your subscriber emails, you can get personal with your readers, and you can direct them anywhere you want them to go.

If you’ve set up a new Facebook group, or you posted something great on Instagram, or Pinterest, this is your chance to share it with your readers, and see a great influx of repeat visitors to your blog and social media assets! We’ll be working with your mailing lists very soon, so be sure and get one set up today!

We worked out a deal with our personal rep at Constant Contact to get you going for free. Just sign up here for your trial and a personal email marketing coach will reach out to you!

ACTIVITY: Once you've set up your first mailing list, post it in the Facebook Group. Let us know what it's about, and let's subscribe to each others lists, but only the ones that truly interest you. For instance, nobody wants someone that's allergic to cats on their mailing list about the latest and greatest cat products.

Not Convinced? Keep reading - Why Bloggers NEEEED an Email List:

Email Lists Bring People to Your Blog!

Many bloggers (like me, I admit it) begin with the misconception that they need to build up their traffic before they create their mailing list. This is False. It's false for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that subscribers can be collected via Facebook Pages and groups, via instagram, and Twitter, YouTube, wherever you are on the internet, you can find new subscribers for your blog post, and you can reach out and keep in touch with them via your email list. As long as you give your readers a reason to click out of your email, and back to your blog, they will click.

You can Grow Your Social Media Following Using Email

Just like you can grow your email list using social media, you can grow your social media following using your email list! Somewhere in every email you send out, ask your subscribers to follow you on a social media account. Just sincerely ask, you'll see. It'll pay off. You can also include all of your social media accounts in the footer of your email.

You can use your email list to build real connections with your readers!

If you craft sincere emails to your readers, not a bunch of sales pitches, you're going to build a rapport with those readers. They already trusted you with their email address! Email providers like Constant Contact have tools that will help you to use your readers first names and send out birthday cards, and remember their anniversaries! In addition to those features, you can share small details about you, and what's going on in your life. Your readers will get to know YOU via your emails. In fact, you can even ask a question of them in your emails and use your email list to get to know them too!

A professional looking email builds credibility in your brand!

You have 60 days to use Constant Contact for free. That's 60 days of free emails, using fantastically built prefab email templates that will instantly build authority in your eye of your subscribers. Each email you send (as long as you don't go bat-shit-crazy with it) builds credibility, your readers are reading what you're sending, and they are believing that you're an authority on the subject. You're becoming an influencer, and that my friends is where the money is.

An Email List gives you the Net-Cred to MAKE MONEY!

Give value in every email. Build trust. Entertain, and build rapport. Once you've done that, and you've built that personal connection with your readers, as long as you're trustworthy, they will trust you. That's why becoming an online influencer is priceless. If I tell you I've tried something, and I believe you need it. I MEAN THOSE WORDS. If I recommend a product or service, I believe it's the best option. I very often receive an affiliate commission when you buy what I recommend, which makes it evermore important that I mean what I say. If I recommend bullshit products and services, and push crappy affiliate products onto my readers, I lose their trust. I lose their trust then their readership, and our relationship.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Set up your free trial of Constant Contact? or perhaps you're more interested in a free trial of ConvertKit? If that's the case, check it out and let me know what you think! I've seen a few really good looking emails, and... they've gotten my attention!

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