Choosing a WordPress Theme

It's time to finally set up your first Facebook Theme. A Facebook Theme is a really interchangeable design for your blog. Don’t worry about setting up a theme you don’t love, as you can change it anytime. Most people probably change their theme once or twice a year.  Just keep in mind you’ll have to reinstall your plugins (We’ll talk further about plugins soon), and anything you customized in the last theme will need to be customized again.

As you begin your search for a WordPress Theme you’ll see that there are thousands of both free and paid themes available.

Some of the things you want to consider are ‘ease of use’, customizability, transferability, and load time. Believe it or not, I don’t like a lot of customizability. The reason is I don’t want to think about a million choices. For the most part, I keep it pretty basic, and add plugins later.

It is important to me that my theme is responsive, the reason for this is that the theme customizes itself for use on different devices, so your site will look good on a desktop computer, an android phone, a Samsung tablet, an iPhone, etc.

In my opinion MOJO is ahead of the game, and they offer support that cannot be beat. If you can’t pay for a theme though, or don’t want to pay for a theme, then I would recommend Vantage, it’s free with optional paid features. One thing I don't love about Vantage is that it doesn't let me design the top of the website using the free editor. That frustrates the heck out of me.  Especially since we're going to be designing logos and customizing the look of our sites very very soon! 

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