Naming Your Blog – Lesson 2

Naming Your Blog

Before you begin today, please make sure you’ve joined the Facebook Group, and have posted a quick introduction.  You can use hashtag #intro when you post your introduction. The reason things like posting your introduction are so important is that we're building a network. The people in the group are your tribe, and together, you'll push each other forward in the blogging community.

It’s also imperative that you know how to find the group in case we lose ya here, not to mention we're going to be using the group in some really cool ways here soon! 

By now you should have also already chosen your niche, if you haven’t chosen a niche yet, go ahead and stick with that step for now. You can go ahead and follow along at your own pace,  so hang onto this, and come back to it later. Remember, If you need help choosing a niche, post your three or four paragraph intro in the group with the hashtag #whatsmyniche for help from the group!

Choosing Your Blogs Name – Domain Name and Social Media Handles

Generally speaking, your blog name should give readers a hint as to what they’re going to read. You all know that my blog name is CoastalCathy, which really doesn’t give a lot of information. So don’t be like Cathy, pick something better than I did. My blog is a lifestyle blog, so it works, but still, I wish I had had more imagination. Unfortunately, I still don't! If you have any great rebranding ideas, please feel free to share them in the group #coastalcathyisboring. 😀 

Anyway I didn’t have this handy guide years ago when I began my blog.  If you have a very specific niche drilled down for you blog, then you probably want to include that in the name. If not, it’s fine to be a bit more vague, we’re not going to be getting our traffic solely based on the name of the blog anyway.

There are a few things to keep in mind here. If you use vulgar or foul language in your blog title, not only will you alienate some of your prospective readership, Google probably won’t list your site in the top of the search engine rankings, and later on, when you’re looking for brands to promote, and trying to make some good blogging money, you’re going to be limited there too.

When you’re looking on Hostgator for available domain names, you’re going to want one that ends in .com. The reason for this is simple name recollection. No matter how hard you market that your blog is MYBlog.Net people are going to type in MyBlog.Com.

Ready – Set – .. Get a Domain Name!

First, grab a paper and pen, or your favorite note taking app and brainstorm a bunch of possible names for you blog. Like “My fantastic blog” or “Play Guitar with Fred” or “Sweet Sugar Plums and Daisy’s”, or  “Fried Chicken and Whiskey” or whatever strikes your fancy. Try to get at least 10 possible ideas on the page.

Then, before you even choose a definitive name, we’re going to bite the bullet! You ready to become a real blogger?

It is time to set up your hosting with Hostgator and get that domain name, all in one full swoop! Once you’ve clicked the hosting link, choose a package from the three choices. The starter package is just fine, I do personally use Standard Plan for no real reason other than I have a lot of sites, and a lot of posts, and I didn’t want to worry.

Not sure which plan is for you, ask in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #choosemyhostingplan and see what everyone else thinks. Remember to stick with this hosting provider though, as all our examples are going to be using WordPress hosted on Hostgator, and.. we have an amazing support system set up at Hostgator. 

Hostgator Packages

Once you’ve chosen a  Hosting plan at Hostgator and clicked Buy Now, you’ll be taken to the sign up page. If you previously purchased a domain, you can just go ahead and set up your hosting account. If you haven’t yet chosen a domain name, now it’s time to refer back to that list we made. You can use the box at the top of the sign up page to find domain names that are available.

If you’re having trouble narrowing your list down, or choosing a domain name, post in the group for suggestions using the hashtag #choosemydomain.  Make sure you let the group know what niche you’ve chosen, and any thoughts you had on potential names.

GOAL: Do not spend more than an hour choosing your name. This is one of those places people get stuck. Do not let that happen to you. Pick a name and move on, if we have to change it later, the world will not end.

If the trouble you’re having isn’t related to choosing a domain name, but in signing up for Hostgator,  post in the group #hostgatorhelp and let us know where you’re stuck.  Once you’ve gotten your domain name chosen and purchased, you can share it using the tag #SUCCESS!

NOTE: As you're checking to see if domain names are available, keep in mind as well that you're going to want a Facebook Page, a Pinterest Account, a Twitter Account, and an Instagram Account, all with that same name. If you know how, start checking to see if these are available as well. Don't get stuck here though. Nothing's set in stone. Pick a name, buy it, and get ready for tomorrow. 


See ya then! 

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