Writing Your First WordPress Post

Writing Pages and Posts on WordPress

Welcome back!! In today’s lesson we’re going to work on getting familiar with WordPress. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be off watching tutorials, and getting those first few posts and pages written. Here's the best part, as soon as Hostgator has your WordPress installed, you're good to go! You can start blogging. 

WordPress is pretty much the container that holds your blog.  In fact, WordPress is the container that holds 99% of all professional blogs, and many major websites on the entire Internet.

As you’re getting started, I realize WordPress is going to seem so overwhelming. It’ll feel like you’re in a foreign land! Don’t worry about that. We’ve all felt that way. You might just dive right in, read a few instructions and get the hang of it, becoming an instant expert and always using WordPress to its fullest potential. You might also be one that struggles a bit at first. Whichever one you are, get into the group, ask questions, join a Facebook Help Group.

At this point you should have completed the following tasks:

  1. Joined the Facebook Group
  2. Chosen a Niche’ for your blog
  3. Chosen a Domain name and set up hosting.

Now we’re going to learn how to write a post and a page in WordPress, and what in the world the difference is. We’ll learn how to add images to your writings, and how to add links, and how to change the format of your text.

The Difference between a Page and a Post on WordPress.

If you want the official difference between posts and pages, visit the definition of posts and pages on WordPress. My explanation isn’t as detailed, the way I see it, a page is something permanent, like your About Us Page, or your Work with Us page.  Pages are the permanent areas of your blog that will always be stationary cornerstone pieces of content.  Some more page examples include your Contact Us and your Privacy Disclosure.

Other pages might be jumping off pages, also known as Landing Pages). For instance, hiking the US might be a page that you write about hiking in the United States, and then from that page, you’d link to all of your different hiking adventures!

Those hiking adventures though fun and amazing pieces of blog content wouldn’t be considered cornerstone content, so you’d create them using the POST option. As you read posts in our group, and you watch tutorials and move forward in this course, you're going to learn about changing your wordpress theme, and adding plugins, and a bunch of ways to change, improve, and wreck WordPress. You don't need to worry about anything of that right now. WordPress works right out of the box, so today, you can just get started creating your first posts. We'll start working on About us and Contact Us type pages tomorrow. 

For today you're going to focus on three simple things... 


  1. Creating a Title for your Post
  2. Writing a Post
  3. Pushing Publish

In this course, and in future courses, we'll learn so many neat things you can do beyond that, heck, you'll be teaching us new stuff before you know it. For today though, keep it simple. Create your first blog post, and get it published. 

You will be able to go back to the post later and change it, add things, and make it perfect. For today though, just get it written.



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