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The best way to sign up for a new Instagram account is to head to your phone’s app store, and set it up there, Instagram is not very desktop friendly, in fact, without cheating, you can’t even post on Insta from a desktop!  Instagram shows users a single stream of images.  Images don’t stay in the stream very long, unlike with Pinterest. Most of the activity you’re going to get from an Instagram post you’ll get within the first few hours of making it.

Your images captions can include up 2,200 characters. Out of those 2,200 characters, three lines, or one paragraph, whichever is shorter will be shown to subscribers in your newsfeed. If people want to see more of what you’ve written, they’ll have to click the ‘More” link.

So the goal here is to communicate the purpose of your insta-image within the first 155 characters of the caption.


Setting up Instagram

Setting up Instagram   - Step 1 
Grab your cell phone and head to your app store. The Instagram app is available for iOS in the iStore,  it's available for Android users in the Google Play Store and it's even available for  Windows Phone users in the Windows Phone Store.

Setting up Instagram - Step 2
Once you have the Instagram app downloaded and installed to your mobile phone, open the app and tap the   to open it.

Setting up Instagram - Step 2
Next click the cute little instagram profile icon and begin filling out your profile details. Here's a tip, it doesn't tell you ahead of time, but your bio needs to be 150 characters or less. it's also a good idea to add your blogs url in your bio, which can take up a lot of characters! You can use a URL shortener for that, I usually use

Setting up Instagram - Changing to a Business Account

You're going to want to change your instagram account to a business account so that you 'll be able to see insights. Insights are viewing stats that will help you discern what type of posts your readers click on, like, and share. You'll also be able to start keeping track of what time of day your users react to new instagram posts.

Creating a Business Account on Instagram - Step 1
Go to your profile and tap the little gear shift Instagram geer shift icon.

Creating a Business Account on Instagram - Step 2
Make sure that your Instagram is set to public. You can't convert a private Instagram account to a business profile.

Creating a Business Account on Instagram - Step 3
Tap the Switch to Business Profile option and then choose the Facebook Page you want to associate with your new Instagram business profile. You can only choose one Facebook Page to associate with your Business Profile.

Creating a Business Account on Instagram - Step 4
Take a second to look over your businesses contact information and make any necessary changes, and then... you're finished! Go ahead and click done.

Now that you've changed over to a business account, you'll be able to access business nly features and check out your Instagram Insights.
With a business account, you'll get access to new business features and Instagram Insights.

#hashtag #instagram

Now that you have your Instagram account set up, just what are we going to do with it?! Like I mentioned at the top of this article, instgram is very much like a magazine spread of your life, blog and business. I love to use Canva to create instagram images that outline the adventures my family and I have been on lately. Want to check some of those out? I'd love for you to follow me on Insta!

Using Hashtags on Instagram
Hashtags are a definite thing  on Instagram, lots of images are posted with nothing but hashtags as the caption.   So how do you choose a hashtag? You’ll pretty much use the blog posts keywords. This gives Instagram users the best chance at landing on your page when they’re looking for what you’ve written about!

Getting Traffic from InstaGram to your Blog
Here’s the thing. You can’t just spam a link on Instagram and to get a bunch of traffic. Instagram doesn’t display clickable links. You can add a url directly onto your image, in your caption, or you can direct users to the URL in your profile to direct your Instagram followers to your blog posts.

Getting Instagram Followers:

Getting Instagram Traffic - Step 1 – Add your Instagram handle to the thread in our group, and then follow five from the thread on Instagram. Make sure you like each post that you follow. When a post has 10 followers (which means it will have 10 likes), that post is done. You can follow more than 10 if you like. It's best if you follow other instagram users that are as close to your instagram niche' as possible. It's also a great idea to choose instagram's to follow that you'll actually be interested in, and follow in the future.

Getting Instagram Traffic -  Step 2 – Use a lot of related hashtags when you post on Instagram! Make sure you hashtag any other brands in your posts, as they might just reshare your post, like it, or follow you on Instagram as well! You can include up to #30hashtags per Instagram post.

More Instagram Resources:

  • Hubspot published a really in depth article for Instagram business accounts, complete with an instagram hashtag glossary! You can <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">check that out HERE</a>.


  • Another great resource for Instagram users is <a href="">my Facebook friend Robin’s group</a>. She doesn’t know I am suggesting this here, so when you get there, be sure and surprise her! Let her know that Cathy sent ya! 😀
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