Hi! I’m Coastal Cathy

So the first question on the 30 day challenge that I’m participating in seems pretty simple. What is my blogs name? To be honest, it’s a total cop-out and a testament to my lack of imagination! I don’t love admitting that at all! When I was younger online I went by MzCathy. Again, because my name is Cathy and I have no imagination. It was super easy to throw an Mz in front of my name and run with it!

Eventually, people either thought I was a transvestite, or a promiscuous cheater. Well I’m fine with the first, but not so much the latter. I began my freelance writing career writing about poker, my online username at most poker sites was LadyHoldem, so that became my online persona. As I grew up a bit, and began writing about my family, travel, real estate, and a number of other things, including even telescopes, LadyHoldem seemed a bit to Niche’. Plus, I pissed off a customer and they wrote ALL about me, and I really just wanted to hide under my blankets for the rest of my life.

I’d moved to the coast, I needed a new more catch-all name, and .. I became CoastalCathy. It’s supposed to be bad ju-ju to rebrand your blog, so I just stuck with it :D. I live on the coast, it’s beautiful, I write about it, and I am, Coastal Cathy.

What’s you blog name? Or your online nickname? Write about it in the comments, or.. better yet, join the 30 day challenge! If you don’t have a blog yet, well today’s a great day to start one! 😀

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