Thirty Day Blogging Challenge

I have decided to join launch a 30-Day Blogging Challenge! Being 9/11 I thought it was the perfect day for a new beginning.  This challenge is a great way for readers, and bloggers alike to get to know each other better! If you would like to participate, just include the image above in your post. Leave a link to your post each day in the comments here on this blog so that I and anyone else reading can check out each others blogs! If you get a chance, it's really great to go to each blog and leave a comment or two as well! 

DIY Link Party! 

If you link to my page on any specific topic from a page with the same topic, comment me your URL and I'll add your link back on my page! 😀

Day 1 for Brand New Bloggers

Don't let not having a blog sway you from joining the 30 day challenge. Now, when you have instant traffic, followers, and things to talk about is the perfect time! Follow the steps below and let's get your blog set up! 😀 

Day 1 – Get your blog set up.

The first thing you’re going to have to outline is what your blog is going to be about. You can have a niche’ blog, or you can have a general blog, with several categories. The more you drilldown the topic, the more traffic you can expect from sites like Google later in your blogging career. If you want a more generalized blog, that’s fine.

You can drill down deeper into your topic using categories later on.  For instance, let’s say you choose travel.  Travel’s a great topic, but the deeper you drill down into that category the better, so for instance, Oregon travel, Oregon waterfalls, hiking Oregon waterfalls, etc.

Now, you can choose free blogging sites, however, I’m going to focus on making money in this article. Blogging is a fantastic way to make money on work you have already done for years to come. You have a much greater opportunity to earn an income from a paid side.  Free blog sites don’t let you run adds on their pages, actually, THEY run adds on the pages you create, and they profit, but you’re not allowed to.

You also get MUCH better support using a company like hostgator than you would using a free type site.

Free Blog Sites

  • Terrible for getting traffic
  • Terrible Support
  • You can’t make money from adds.
  • They make money from ads!

Paid Blog Sites

  • You can show adds
  • You can use affiliate links
  • You get great support!


Set up Your WordPress Site HERE!! (After reading the following paragraph)

We Recommend WordPress, because we’ve used them for years!   I <3 WordPress  (If you’re my family or friend, and I love you enough to spend 10 minutes helping you, or are a teeny tiny bit tech savvy, use this link instead, and set up the WordPress site yourself J ), it’s cheaper, and you can start more than one blog, so the significant other, or whomever else can start one too!

That first link is a few bucks more a month, but super-duper easier.

If it’s JUST YOU and you know you don’t want another website, go ahead and grab the Basic Plan. If you think you might want a second site, the essentials plan really isn’t that much more.

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