20 Facts About Me

If you've been following along you already know I've committed to a 30 day blogging challenge, in fact, I think I'll look for more of these when I'm done with this one, and perhaps create some of my own! They're really good for motivation, and for coming up with some simple and easy to write about ideas. Well kind of easy. 20 facts about myself is going to be tricky.

  • I'm a mom to five amazing people. Yes, it's a fact, they're amazing.
  • I've been married for 23 years.
  • I'm a slob.
  • I'm not a good housewife at all, so I changed jobs, and I'm now the husband. We won't call him the wife though, but he is indeed the master of the home.
  • I'm a travel agent and a travel blogger.
  • I'm also a plus size blogger, mostly hiking, a bit of fashion, but as we've discussed, I'm not really the traditional girly girl type.
  • I have the most perfect granddaughter in existence.
  • I have a very large adopted family in addition to my big biological family.
  • I'm determined to get my sister Rebecca Rosales blogging. She'd be so much better at it than me.
  • I'm not a huge animal lover.

  • I have to write. Like I must.
  • I'm going back to college this term. Not to many people know that honestly.
  • I got a fantastic scholarship! 😀
  • I love pot stickers
  • I also love Korean Dramas, and well a lot of America Dramas too.
  • I had three kids when I was 19, and I was a fantastic mom back then.
  • I help Travel Agents with a lot of digital media stuff.
  • I plan Lesbian Cruises, LGBT Cruises, Gay Cruises, Christian Cruises, Family Cruises.
  • I have never left the country.
  • I do not have a passport.
  • Hi! I’m Coastal Cathy

    So the first question on the 30 day challenge that I’m participating in seems pretty simple. What is my blogs name? To be honest, it’s a total cop-out and a testament to my lack of imagination! I don’t love admitting that at all! When I was younger online I went by MzCathy. Again, because my name is Cathy and I have no imagination. It was super easy to throw an Mz in front of my name and run with it!

    Eventually, people either thought I was a transvestite, or a promiscuous cheater. Well I’m fine with the first, but not so much the latter. I began my freelance writing career writing about poker, my online username at most poker sites was LadyHoldem, so that became my online persona. As I grew up a bit, and began writing about my family, travel, real estate, and a number of other things, including even telescopes, LadyHoldem seemed a bit to Niche’. Plus, I pissed off a customer and they wrote ALL about me, and I really just wanted to hide under my blankets for the rest of my life.

    I’d moved to the coast, I needed a new more catch-all name, and .. I became CoastalCathy. It’s supposed to be bad ju-ju to rebrand your blog, so I just stuck with it :D. I live on the coast, it’s beautiful, I write about it, and I am, Coastal Cathy.

    What’s you blog name? Or your online nickname? Write about it in the comments, or.. better yet, join the 30 day challenge! If you don’t have a blog yet, well today’s a great day to start one! 😀

    Thirty Day Blogging Challenge

    I have decided to join launch a 30-Day Blogging Challenge! Being 9/11 I thought it was the perfect day for a new beginning.  This challenge is a great way for readers, and bloggers alike to get to know each other better! If you would like to participate, just include the image above in your post. Leave a link to your post each day in the comments here on this blog so that I and anyone else reading can check out each others blogs! If you get a chance, it's really great to go to each blog and leave a comment or two as well! 

    DIY Link Party! 

    If you link to my page on specific topic, comment me your URL and I'll add your link back on my page! 😀

    Day 1 for Brand New Bloggers

    Don't let not having a blog sway you from joining the 30 day challenge. Now, when you have instant traffic, followers, and things to talk about is the perfect time! Follow the steps below and let's get your blog set up! 😀 

    Day 1 – Get your blog set up.

    The first thing you’re going to have to outline is what your blog is going to be about. You can have a niche’ blog, or you can have a general blog, with several categories. The more you drilldown the topic, the more traffic you can expect from sites like Google later in your blogging career. If you want a more generalized blog, that’s fine.

    You can drill down deeper into your topic using categories later on.  For instance, let’s say you choose travel.  Travel’s a great topic, but the deeper you drill down into that category the better, so for instance, Oregon travel, Oregon waterfalls, hiking Oregon waterfalls, etc.

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    You also get MUCH better support using a company like hostgator than you would using a free blogger.com type site.

    Free Blog Sites

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    Paid Blog Sites

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