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You know those online surveys that you come accross on Facebook? They ask things like what's your favorite smell? What's your favorite color? If your life story became the last show you watched on TV what would that story be? You get the idea right? I love answering those when I'm time wasting. I don't always read my friends answers to be honest, but the other day I did... My sisters. A question there has really gotten to me! It said, if you could do anything for work that you wanted to do, what would that be.. or something like that. . . 

Her answer blew me away. 

My sister said she'd like to be a kickass blogger with a kick ass blog. What?! I had no idea my sister, who would be the most FANTASTIC blogger in the world by the way had any inclination to even have a blog. Let me tell you, she's nothing like me. She totally 'moms'. She does cool stuff like.. pull the poop sack out of crawfish so they're edible. Most of the great places I visit on this blog and tell you about, totally her idea. She's adorable too, 'but in this I'm not even trying.. I just think life's a buncha fun'.. kinda way.  This girl cooks. OMG can she cook. She camps, she fishes, she gets boojee. Okay, you get it, she'd be a fantastic frakkin blogger.  To be honest, she could go through her facebook and create her first 100 posts from pictures and posts in there. 

To add to that, I have another blog. I more personal blog. One where I share it ALLLLL!! Childhood, secrets, other people's secrets, etc. So I was introducing the key players in my life, and I said "I am the writer". This is how I see life. Let me just say, this is not how my best friend see's life. It's not how either of my sisters see life either. I am a writer. But, they are writers as well, they just don't do as much writing as I do. But it's in them... 

So that big phat enabler that lives in my soul totally wants to make everyone blogs. I'll just create all these blogs, send them their log-ins, and a then we'll do fun blog events where we all blog the same topic once a month, and before you know it, I'll finally get my kids blogging, and their men, and all their friends, and we'll all just blog and blog, and put flowers in our hair and stuff. Right? Yeah, no. Totally wouldn't work.  First, how the hell would I choose the name of their blogs? Am I paying for these names they may not even like? They won't see them as their blogs, they'll see them as mine, and I'm a control freak, so as soon as I see something they could do better, or think they've decided not to blog, I'll be butting right in, doing it for them. 

Seriously, you can blog  everyday, three times a day, or once a year. I have a ton of blogs, some more neglected than others, and that's another thing, maybe they'll want 10 blogs each, how should I know. Maybe, they'll read this 'how to start your blog' tutorial I'm a bout to write for them, and they'll think it's a great idea, and they'll never do a darn thing with it... and that's fine too right? 

So sisters, best friend.. you're all smart, internet savvy women together, we can build our blogs by doing some linked posts, we can make each other stronger and get some free tickets to some neato stuff. Or, you can do whatever you like. There are a million ways to start a blog, and design it, and all that neato stuff, so I'm just going to share with you some of the ways that I do it, and the tools that I use, and I'm posting it here because I bet you're not the only ones. 


Love you guys, and without further ado.. Ladies, lets get you a blog built! Cristina, Amber, Becca, you ladies have life changing stories to tell! I can't wait to read them! If I can help you, comment here, email me, message me, text me, and I'll answer on the blog here somewhere, and let's all build a blog. I appreciate it if you use the links in the article, as I do get a commission from some of them. Absolutely none of the suggestions here are here because of the commission. 


Domain Name and Hosting

The first thing you're going to need is a domain name and a hosting company. I personally get my domain names at Godaddy and my hosting at Hostgator. This is habit, if I were you, I'd probably just use this handy Hostgator link and grab both in one shot, keeping things nice and simple. Hostgator's fantastic, I've been with them 10 years at least. I think that link gets you the domain name and site for $3 per month. IF you are thinking you may want more than one blog, you want to get your guy or your kids blogging as well, just grab the smallest unlimited package they offer, that'll work fine for starting out. It's called shared hosting.

I use Hostgator

Getting into Cpanel

Now the next steps are super easy, but it'll seem like everything is in a different language and it will be so frustrating, this is largely why I said to just use Hostgator, if you get your domain name from Godaddy like I do you're going to have to change the nameservers which is easy enough, but there's really just no point in it. In fact, now that I'm writing this, well .. see ya Godaddy! You're going to get a couple of very important emails. One of those emails requires you to click a link and verify your website. MAKE SURE YOU DO THAT. If not, they're going to later suspend your website, and it's going to be a big ole pain in the ass. 

You're also going to get an email that tells you how to sign into your cpanel. Important stuff right there, you can always reset the username and password, but it's kind of a pain, so it'll save you some troubles if you just don't lose them. Now...  once your new site is 'live' meaning that the internet magical trolls know that you own it, and that people typing it into their phone or pc should see it,  (this is called being propagated) you'll go to your cpanel. The url to get there will be in that cpanel email. it'll be www. You'll put your username and password in there, and then you'll be in your cpanel. 


Login Screen

Hostgator Cpanel Login Image

Setting up WordPress

Setting up WordPress is free. There will be some offers in your Cpanel to pay a pro to do it for you. It takes like 1 minute. I'll do it for you for free, however, if you want to pay a pro to do it, I'll send you my PayPal address post-haste. Let me know if you need a hand, but here are some pretty easy to follow directions. First, click on the WordPress 1-Click installation button. I put a picture of the button to the right of the page here for example. 

1 Click Installation

Instal WordPress Button

Select Domain For Installation

The next step you come to will say "Select Domain For Installation" if you only bought one name, it'll be the only one there, if you bought more than one, pick the one you're planning on working with right now.  If you bought more than one there will be some weird options, pick the simplest looking one, without extra words and dots in it.  The next box will say "directory" leave that blank.

An example of what to put in the boxes

Okay, You're on your own!

Since I'm not actually setting up a new website today, that's as far as I can walk you through the process. So I found you another tutorial that looks pretty easy to follow :). If you have any questions though, give me a call, come by, bring coffee, heck, let's meet at the coffee shop, you can buy! :D.  IMPORTANT - Once you get to where this tutorial says

Steps to do after installing WordPress:..  


Stop. Don't do that crap, we'll be doing some of it, but you can just pick up here for that. 


Choosing a Theme

Okay, the theme I usually use in called Vantage. Actually it's the theme I ALWAYS use, its amazing, and its free, unless you would like to donate. Let me know if you do, I've always wanted to get the unlimited site option, maybe we could all chip in. Anyway, so... you're all done with Cpanel now. If you've screenshotted or somehow else saved your wp-admin login info, you can go ahead and close that until the next time you need to set up a website. 

Before you install plugins or make any changes other than adding pages and posts, make sure you install the vantage theme as installing a theme will wipe out a lot of those changes.  So... I'm getting sleepy. If anyone, my sisters or the general public begins this process, please let me know and I'll continue from here. With your them and your site set up though, you're good to start creating pages and posts. Most things will be posts. Like.. a visit to a tourist attraction or a page with a video of you cooking me yummy food, those are posts. A page would be something that's forever. Like a review of a place might be a page, or a page that links to lots of posts.. 

An example of what to put in the boxes

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