Hiking Cape Lookout – Tillamook Oregon

Cape Lookout is by far my favorite hike and I am afraid that it may have spoiled me for all others. The views on this hike are just absolutely amazing! The hike begins at the Cape Lookout Trailhead where you’ll be able to park your car, RV, bicycle, etc, in the parking lot.  There are then three trails to choose from. The easiest trail is straight ahead. I am a big woman, and I can traverse this trail pretty easily.

What It’s Like


The trail is slightly downhill, and it’s a one-way trail. You’ve heard the saying that what goes up must come down. Well when it comes to hiking, what goes down, must hike back up.

There are some spots that get muddy, so be prepared for dirty shoes.




What about lunch?



Where to Stay


Getting there



Nearest Store

Along the trail you’ll be treated to both living and fallen amazing old growth trees and spectacular ocean views. This is a great place for whale watching when their in season as well, as a matter of fact, it’s about as close to being in the actual ocean itself as you’re going to get without boarding a boat. After you’ve done a bit of walking, there will be viewpoints where you can actually look back on the ocean waves hitting the shore. I took the photo to the right from that viewpoint. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

This particular hike is about 3 miles long round trip. The trail is narrow in some places, and there’s no protection from falling into the ocean from very far above it, so it might not be the best hike for small children, strollers, etc. It isn’t a terrible hike though for moderately active people. There was a limb across the road the last time I visited, and it is a bit uphill on the way back to your car. Plan to give yourself a few hours to get to the end and back so that you’re not caught in the dark.

There are no bathrooms on the trail, so make use of that parking lot porta-potty, after that it’s nature all the way!

My goal, since I stopped working with Vacasa was simple. Just have an amazing summer, spend every minute with my family while looking for a new company to share my fabulousness with! Well somewhere along the line my wires must have gotten crossed, because I keep going out and trying to kill myself! Okay, not really. But hiking is darn hard work!

We didn’t really have a lot of cash a few weeks ago, in fact, in the time it took for my unemployment claim to get approved my car got repossessed, and man, the feast was over and we were on to the famin! Malachai and I decided to start hiking! Actually, not just Malachai and I.. My sister Becca, and a lifetime friend Andrea and Anthony and I took the kiddo’s for the first ‘hike’. We all walked along Kilchis Point Reserve which is a fantastic, stroller and wheelchair friendly walk that ends up on the beautiful Tillamook Bay. ??Sadly, you can’t get right down to the Bay in a chair, but you can get to the Gazebo, which I THINK is accessible, and provides a very nice view.

Anyway that officially kicked off hiking season. A few days later Malachai and the trail to Munson Falls, or what’s available of the trail. I really wish they’d fix whatever has it closed, because from the short walk we were able to tell, I just know it’d be an amazing hike with a rewarding ending! Rich and I decided to go around the closure a few days later, but .. it got dark, and wet and we retreated!

Next, Malachai and I took a day trip up to Cape Lookout, with dang near no gas. If you head up there from Tillamook by the way, make sure you have quarters with you, there’s a neat little fish hatchery where you can buy food and feed the HUGE trout along the way, you’ll want to stop there.

Anyway, Malachai and I went to Cape Lookout and hiked for the first time. We took the Cape Trail We hiked a good hour or so each way. It’s hard work but that first half of the Cape Trail is pretty decent. It’s not as easy as the Kilchis trail but it’s pretty easy. So easy that you probably won’t notice that you’re heading downhill ever so slightly on the way in.

The views, OMG you can’t capture views like that in a photograph! It was gorgeous, you’re basically hiking out onto a cliff, so you’re walking away from the shore, 200 feet or so above it. Your looking down to where the ocean is calm, and you’re able to look back at the wake. It was simply breathtaking. It wasn’t much of a workout for Malachai, who if you haven’t read a lot of posts here is my 11 year old son. He opted to jog part of it, and do some football sprints to keep his heart rate up.

There are lots of good places for photo’s and a few places where you can feasibly sit and rest.

As with all highly trafficked public parking places in rural areas, don’t leave your valuables in the car. Thieves can easily watch the trails for oncomers and pretty much have freerien in the meantime.


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