Tillamook County Forest Center

The drive from Portland to Tillamook can be pretty monotonous, I for one recommend always taking the long route, and either stopping at a casino along the way, or having a blast at the Wings and Waves Waterpark in McMinnville. If you insist however on taking Highway 6, first be careful, there are idiots everywhere, especially there. Second.. I Stopped by the Tillamook Forest Center on my way home from a Portland trip to see old friends with Malachai just recently and I’m of course going to tell you all about it, and all about the Tillamook Forest Center. The Portland trip went alright. Okay it had its ups and downs.

I went to town to see an old friend and to go to court with my sister. I was actually late to my sister’s court appearance. I don’t know if that made a difference in the deal she made, but I sure do know that it couldn’t have gone worse. In fact, say a quick prayer for her before you read on if you wouldn’t mind.

Despite some of the icky stuff that went down during this particular Pacific Northwest excursion, I did get to check out a new little spot in Portland! I almost totally forgot to share that part! It’s a cute little dive bar next door to the 7-11 on 112th and Powell. I think it’s called the Daily Planet. I’ll double-check that. My sister and a friend of hers like to pop in there from time to time.

The bar wasn’t full of people on a Wednesday, but there were a few people milling about,, especially in the video poker room where there was a line for a game.

The bartender carded my friend as soon as she saw us, so bring that ID! As a side note, knowing I didn’t have my ID with me, my friend just kept right on talking about this kind of whiskey and that, and we never did have to show ID. So, the bartender is sidetrackable, should you forget your identity in Tillamook. Turns out it was in the car all a long actually, but that’s beside the point right?

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll add a full review of our Daily Planet experience on YELP so I’ll let you read about that there.

After that, I took everyone home, and headed to my daughter’s house for bed. Bless her and her boyfriends amazing and trendy hearts for always putting up with me, and putting me up. I’d tell you about the BEST ever text messages I got from the bf after the last visit, but.. some stuff just isn’t meant for the net. Anyway, he’s a sweetheart, not as sweet as my Deedlebug, but pretty damn sweet.

The next ‘morning’ Malachai and I were able to spend some time in the pool at Deidre’s too. It was so peaceful! It was great really! On days like that, I cannot believe that the pool wasn’t overflowing with people! For the first while it was just Malachai and I, later a little family of three kids joined us.

Deidre left blankets out for us the first night and provided Malachai with the worlds biggest bean bag bed. Deidre and Don are always AWESOME hosts! We tootled around Tigard for a few hours before it was time to pick Deidre up from work after our swim. Then picked her up from work, at her 1st of two jobs. This crazy girl works two jobs, and serves her country in the Army National Guard.

For dinner we grabbed some Taco Bell, I really do like those Doritos Taco’s, the cheesy ones, not the Ranch. I’d usually go somewhere a bit more healthy, but we were workin’ with a budget here, and 12 bucks to feed 4 people really aint bad. Don had already eaten though, even if he didn’t say so ;). He just quietly put his taco’s in the fridge, what a peach :D.

We were lucky enough to drive home on 7-11 Free Slurpee Day (wooot wooot!), We stopped by two 7-11’s for Free Slurpee’s. Malachai really loved that. Actually, the Tigard store was having lots of other promo’s too, we got a 1/4lb dog for a buck each, making lunch 2 bucks! WINNING!

Well it felt like winning, until highway 6, when my tummy reminded me that $2 lunches can feel great on the taste buds, but might not be exactly made for easy digestion.

Tillamook Forestry Center
That’s what brought us to the Tillamook Forestry Center. Isn’t it crazy that we’ve never stopped there before? Anyway, as you walk toward the door there’s a firewatch tower of old. Malachai climbed alllllll the waaaay to the top, which by the way is more than 70 stairs. . He took a few pictures from up there, a couple of which were of me.

He really enjoyed the Forestry Center! I love how much he loves things! Hes totally into robotics and technology, so I really didn’t know how much he’d enjoy the history based exhibits, but he did! In fact, we had a fantastic time. We played with a map that shows the history of Forest Fires in the Tillamook County Forest, and watched a movie about that same history and the people who were affected by the fires, including those who helped put them out.

We walked through a museum that included ways of life back then. We played surveyor for a minute, and really enjoyed how interactive the entire museum is! We opened trees, and drawers, and did all sorts of things in just a few feet. There was an old style telephone there too, the kind with the little horn looking piece attached to a string that you pick up and hold next to your ear, while speaking into the stationary piece on the wall. Then we ventured outside across a suspension bridge, where we played umbrella swords with the complimentary umbrellas. My shy side totally tried to bubble to the surface! I totally wanted to pass on the sword game. I’m really glad I didn’t!

While I was there, I picked up several publications, like 101 things to do in Oregon! Let the adventures begin! In fact, if you want to see more of this particular adventure, and less of my personal story, check out my review on Yelp! While we’re on the topic of events tough, check out the Forest Center’s website for future events, like the Return from the Burn annual celebration.

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