Peninsula Park

Surely if you’re from Portland, you’re familiar with Peninsula Park, if you’re not, just stop reading this review, and go experience it for yourself. Peninsula is often called the Rose Garden, or Peninsula Rose Garden or something like that. This is one of the absolute best parks in Portland. I’ve been going since I was a kid, and it’s only gotten better.

The park is probably 5 square blocks. I don’t know and I’m bad at measuring, but that’s my guess. It’s a nice little stroll for me.

There’s a beautiful Rose Garden with a great big fountain centerpiece. A gazebo where I once performed a 2nd grade choir concert with St. Andrew’s in Portland, all the normal playground equipment, a splash pad, a baseball field, a pool, and restrooms, and free lunches and activities every day for kids! All of this is housed underneath a forest of beautiful old trees!

I’ve actually started visiting the park pretty often because my dad lives in the neighborhood and it’s just a great place to meet up with him and visit. I don’t have a phone plan currently, which really cuts down on my Yelp check-ins! There’s no wi-fi available at the park. My first visit with him there was with my sister Becca and my nephew Marcus. We put our feet into the fountain and visited with Dad while Marcus enjoyed the pristine blue water of the fountain, emphatically.

During my next few visits, I noticed that the water is getting dirtier and dirtier. We can still smell the chlorine, but we can no longer see the bottom. This led us to wondering if you really are allowed to swim in the fountain, and … that would be a no.

Really the parks department should look at the fact that there’s always a dozen or so people in the fountain and clean the water, it’s gross. Also, they should officially allow wading.

This last weekend we started at the fountain and made our way to the splash pad. We didn’t buy an ice cream from the pedler on a bicycle that sells them, but we have in the past, and he’s a pretty cool kid.

Honestly I don’t know what makes the water at the Splash Pad come one, but it seems to have to do with rubbing your hand in circles on top of the green sprinkler pole. At any rate, Malachai loves to run through the water! I love to run through it with him, because I always want him to remember running through that with his momma. I want him to run through it with his own kids!

We haven’t ever been there for the activities, but we did see signage for a tie dye event It wasn’t free though, I think it was .50 and a tee-shirt.

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