Cape Lookout South Trail

Malachai and I decided to take a new route on Cape Lookout yesterday! Usually we hike the Cape Trail, which is the easiest trail, and offers some really great views! Yesterday though, we thought we’d try something different, challenge ourselves a bit. So we opted for the South Trail. This is the trail that leads to the beach, and he love love loves to swim in the ocean!

We got ready by packing up a backpack with a bluetooth speaker so we could hear some music along the way, a couple bottles of Powerade, some nuts, and cranberries, and a bag of Fiber Trail Mix. James suggested we take some of the Fiji water we recently bought, and so we did.

The trail was a lot trickier than the Cape Trail as it’s a lot thinner, and there are a lot of roots growing in it. You often have to hug a tree while climbing over it’s roots as it’s kind of taken over the trail. There’s also a place where a couple trees have fallen over the trail, so be prepared to climb over that..

All of that being said, it wasn’t a hard walk at all. It was a bit challenging, and you had to watch where you were going more than you would on the Cape Trail. This trail is also pretty steep, headed down, so the way up should be a killer for us big folks! I was ready to brave it! Besides, it’d be a great trip for Malachai right?! I was winded all the way down. He really wasn’t without trying to beef up his workout.

We had a great time though. We listened to music from my phone using a bluetooth speaker so we could be listen. I’d brought headphones, but Malachai did not love that idea.

We saw mushrooms, and pretty flowers, and some ocean peaks and were really enjoying ourselves! About 1.4 miles in, we saw one of the most beautiful sites we’ve ever seen on a hike, a bench! It was kind of neat because my feet didn’t touch the ground from my spot on the bench which isn’t something I’ve been able to say probably since I was 10 or so. The view from that bench is amazing as well.

A few people passed as we sat and enjoyed some dried cranberries, some trail mix and peanuts. We drank some powerade and water, and eventually, we carried on. It was just passed that bench that our trip got a bit scary.

I felt something bite or sting my belly. Just as I was investigating what it was, Malachai screamed and I felt something sting my arm. I yelled to Malachai to run, and I followed.

We both took on and ran about a loop the bees in tow. Id been stung a few times already. After we stopped I was stung again. I realized one of the bees was in my shirts.. that’s two shirts then one bee. I told Malachai to turn around as I was ripping my shirts off. Lucky him, he turned in time.

Overall I was stung 8 times. Malachai just the once thank God, on his index finger. When I was a kid and I’d get stung in the foot my entire calf would swell, so I wasn’t sure if I was allergic or not. We kept an eye on both our stings, Mine swelled a teeny bit, and his didn’t swell so that was good, everyone was breathing anyway. The bees had been very aggressive through and actually chased us when we ran so we decided to call 911 just in case and let them know about the issue. They were glad we did and reached out to the forestry service so by the time you’re reading this, it might not be a problem any longer, but.. just in case, it’s something to be aware of. In fact, when we reached the beach we talked to someone else that had a similar experience. A camp group leader took a group on a hike the day before and 7 out of 12 of his group were stung.

Since we ran down the hill when the bees attacked instead of up the hill, we went ahead and continued on to the beach. What a neat place to swim! It was gorgeous! Firstly, the ocean itself was that beautiful green/blue color that you usually only see in winter and fall (due to increased seaweed). It does butt up to that cliff so maybe that has something to do with it? There were also very few people down there on the beach, which makes sense since you really have to work to get there. We played first in a warm tide pool, and then in the ocean for awhile.

Then it was time to discuss our route home. We opted not to go back the way we came and get stung even more, so our plan was to walk the beach until we came to a path, or public beach, or some other way out and back into civilization. Even if we had to walk an hour or two, we’d have to walk back up the mountain for an a couple hours to get back to our car anyway. So we walked, and walked, and walked. Malachai doesn’t really take pain to well, so it was a challenge keeping his mind off of his sting, which I can totally relate to, mine didn’t feel to dandy either!

We finally came upon a group of campers. They were staying at a private camp, but we could have cut through there they said. They said it was about a 3 mile hike back to any road of any kind. We decided to venture forth and see if we could do better. We could see HayStack Rock so if all else failed, there was Pacific City Right.. right?

Along the way we honestly enjoyed ourselves despite being exhausted. We swam in an inlet at one point. We stopped for lots of breaks, lots. We snacked on the treats we’d brought and drank water and powerade. We talked and talked.

So we walked until we came upon a large group of ATV’ers. They let us know the best place to cross up towards Sand Lake. At this point we’d been walking about 6 hours. It took about another hour to get to Sand Lake. We walked to the place where we were supposed to cut up to Sand Lake, we were exhausted though, and Malachai had a headache. I’d had one earlier, and I knew they were exhaustion headaches, so we took another break on the sand by the beach. I took a nap.

Just as the RV’s, ATV’s trucks, cars, and all of that became visible we realized, there’s no cell signal in Sand Lake. How was I going to call James to get us if there’s no cell service.

Was hitch-hiking with my son a good idea? I think no. Was leaving him at the camp-ground a good plan while I hitch-hiked a good idea? Imagine how worried he’d be knowing his mommy was in a strangers car. What if no one at the camp was even willing to drive me to Cape Lookout where my car was?

We finally walked up to the first available place to sit down and a camper there struck up a conversation telling us how brave we were to embark on that walk (He’s thinking we walked to the beach from the campground and back) so we told him about our little ordeal. He had a phone, and low and behold it worked! Just as I thought I would, as soon as I got James on the phone, I started out n out balling, and asked him to come n get us. I always do that. I’m as strong as can be in any situation, until I talk to him, then I’m a hot mess balling my eyes out.

While we waited for James Malachai played on some playground equipment, telling all the kids and moms of our adventure. I found a nice shady spot to take a break. Funny thing, Malachai and I were discussing doing a marathon together by next year at the start of our walk. I guess we’ve got the endurance part figured out :D.

So, today, I’m taking it super easy. Parts of my body have that good “I used these muscles” pain, and other parts like my calves that are seriously sunburned are screaming.

By the way, shout-out to my sunscreen! Malachai and I sprayed it on before leaving the house, but didn’t take it with us. Only places that we didn’t spray got burned, our calves for instance, which were subjected to the reflection of the sun from walking in the ocean. I’ll have to grab the can later on and give them proper props.

Right now, I’d kill for a Ribeye, and some sunburn spray.

Hiking Cape Lookout – Tillamook Oregon

Cape Lookout is by far my favorite hike and I am afraid that it may have spoiled me for all others. The views on this hike are just absolutely amazing! The hike begins at the Cape Lookout Trailhead where you’ll be able to park your car, RV, bicycle, etc, in the parking lot.  There are then three trails to choose from. The easiest trail is straight ahead. I am a big woman, and I can traverse this trail pretty easily.

What It’s Like


The trail is slightly downhill, and it’s a one-way trail. You’ve heard the saying that what goes up must come down. Well when it comes to hiking, what goes down, must hike back up.

There are some spots that get muddy, so be prepared for dirty shoes.




What about lunch?



Where to Stay


Getting there



Nearest Store

Along the trail you’ll be treated to both living and fallen amazing old growth trees and spectacular ocean views. This is a great place for whale watching when their in season as well, as a matter of fact, it’s about as close to being in the actual ocean itself as you’re going to get without boarding a boat. After you’ve done a bit of walking, there will be viewpoints where you can actually look back on the ocean waves hitting the shore. I took the photo to the right from that viewpoint. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

This particular hike is about 3 miles long round trip. The trail is narrow in some places, and there’s no protection from falling into the ocean from very far above it, so it might not be the best hike for small children, strollers, etc. It isn’t a terrible hike though for moderately active people. There was a limb across the road the last time I visited, and it is a bit uphill on the way back to your car. Plan to give yourself a few hours to get to the end and back so that you’re not caught in the dark.

There are no bathrooms on the trail, so make use of that parking lot porta-potty, after that it’s nature all the way!

My goal, since I stopped working with Vacasa was simple. Just have an amazing summer, spend every minute with my family while looking for a new company to share my fabulousness with! Well somewhere along the line my wires must have gotten crossed, because I keep going out and trying to kill myself! Okay, not really. But hiking is darn hard work!

We didn’t really have a lot of cash a few weeks ago, in fact, in the time it took for my unemployment claim to get approved my car got repossessed, and man, the feast was over and we were on to the famin! Malachai and I decided to start hiking! Actually, not just Malachai and I.. My sister Becca, and a lifetime friend Andrea and Anthony and I took the kiddo’s for the first ‘hike’. We all walked along Kilchis Point Reserve which is a fantastic, stroller and wheelchair friendly walk that ends up on the beautiful Tillamook Bay. ??Sadly, you can’t get right down to the Bay in a chair, but you can get to the Gazebo, which I THINK is accessible, and provides a very nice view.

Anyway that officially kicked off hiking season. A few days later Malachai and the trail to Munson Falls, or what’s available of the trail. I really wish they’d fix whatever has it closed, because from the short walk we were able to tell, I just know it’d be an amazing hike with a rewarding ending! Rich and I decided to go around the closure a few days later, but .. it got dark, and wet and we retreated!

Next, Malachai and I took a day trip up to Cape Lookout, with dang near no gas. If you head up there from Tillamook by the way, make sure you have quarters with you, there’s a neat little fish hatchery where you can buy food and feed the HUGE trout along the way, you’ll want to stop there.

Anyway, Malachai and I went to Cape Lookout and hiked for the first time. We took the Cape Trail We hiked a good hour or so each way. It’s hard work but that first half of the Cape Trail is pretty decent. It’s not as easy as the Kilchis trail but it’s pretty easy. So easy that you probably won’t notice that you’re heading downhill ever so slightly on the way in.

The views, OMG you can’t capture views like that in a photograph! It was gorgeous, you’re basically hiking out onto a cliff, so you’re walking away from the shore, 200 feet or so above it. Your looking down to where the ocean is calm, and you’re able to look back at the wake. It was simply breathtaking. It wasn’t much of a workout for Malachai, who if you haven’t read a lot of posts here is my 11 year old son. He opted to jog part of it, and do some football sprints to keep his heart rate up.

There are lots of good places for photo’s and a few places where you can feasibly sit and rest.

As with all highly trafficked public parking places in rural areas, don’t leave your valuables in the car. Thieves can easily watch the trails for oncomers and pretty much have freerien in the meantime.


Tillamook County Forest Center

The drive from Portland to Tillamook can be pretty monotonous, I for one recommend always taking the long route, and either stopping at a casino along the way, or having a blast at the Wings and Waves Waterpark in McMinnville. If you insist however on taking Highway 6, first be careful, there are idiots everywhere, especially there. Second.. I Stopped by the Tillamook Forest Center on my way home from a Portland trip to see old friends with Malachai just recently and I’m of course going to tell you all about it, and all about the Tillamook Forest Center. The Portland trip went alright. Okay it had its ups and downs.

I went to town to see an old friend and to go to court with my sister. I was actually late to my sister’s court appearance. I don’t know if that made a difference in the deal she made, but I sure do know that it couldn’t have gone worse. In fact, say a quick prayer for her before you read on if you wouldn’t mind.

Despite some of the icky stuff that went down during this particular Pacific Northwest excursion, I did get to check out a new little spot in Portland! I almost totally forgot to share that part! It’s a cute little dive bar next door to the 7-11 on 112th and Powell. I think it’s called the Daily Planet. I’ll double-check that. My sister and a friend of hers like to pop in there from time to time.

The bar wasn’t full of people on a Wednesday, but there were a few people milling about,, especially in the video poker room where there was a line for a game.

The bartender carded my friend as soon as she saw us, so bring that ID! As a side note, knowing I didn’t have my ID with me, my friend just kept right on talking about this kind of whiskey and that, and we never did have to show ID. So, the bartender is sidetrackable, should you forget your identity in Tillamook. Turns out it was in the car all a long actually, but that’s beside the point right?

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll add a full review of our Daily Planet experience on YELP so I’ll let you read about that there.

After that, I took everyone home, and headed to my daughter’s house for bed. Bless her and her boyfriends amazing and trendy hearts for always putting up with me, and putting me up. I’d tell you about the BEST ever text messages I got from the bf after the last visit, but.. some stuff just isn’t meant for the net. Anyway, he’s a sweetheart, not as sweet as my Deedlebug, but pretty damn sweet.

The next ‘morning’ Malachai and I were able to spend some time in the pool at Deidre’s too. It was so peaceful! It was great really! On days like that, I cannot believe that the pool wasn’t overflowing with people! For the first while it was just Malachai and I, later a little family of three kids joined us.

Deidre left blankets out for us the first night and provided Malachai with the worlds biggest bean bag bed. Deidre and Don are always AWESOME hosts! We tootled around Tigard for a few hours before it was time to pick Deidre up from work after our swim. Then picked her up from work, at her 1st of two jobs. This crazy girl works two jobs, and serves her country in the Army National Guard.

For dinner we grabbed some Taco Bell, I really do like those Doritos Taco’s, the cheesy ones, not the Ranch. I’d usually go somewhere a bit more healthy, but we were workin’ with a budget here, and 12 bucks to feed 4 people really aint bad. Don had already eaten though, even if he didn’t say so ;). He just quietly put his taco’s in the fridge, what a peach :D.

We were lucky enough to drive home on 7-11 Free Slurpee Day (wooot wooot!), We stopped by two 7-11’s for Free Slurpee’s. Malachai really loved that. Actually, the Tigard store was having lots of other promo’s too, we got a 1/4lb dog for a buck each, making lunch 2 bucks! WINNING!

Well it felt like winning, until highway 6, when my tummy reminded me that $2 lunches can feel great on the taste buds, but might not be exactly made for easy digestion.

Tillamook Forestry Center
That’s what brought us to the Tillamook Forestry Center. Isn’t it crazy that we’ve never stopped there before? Anyway, as you walk toward the door there’s a firewatch tower of old. Malachai climbed alllllll the waaaay to the top, which by the way is more than 70 stairs. . He took a few pictures from up there, a couple of which were of me.

He really enjoyed the Forestry Center! I love how much he loves things! Hes totally into robotics and technology, so I really didn’t know how much he’d enjoy the history based exhibits, but he did! In fact, we had a fantastic time. We played with a map that shows the history of Forest Fires in the Tillamook County Forest, and watched a movie about that same history and the people who were affected by the fires, including those who helped put them out.

We walked through a museum that included ways of life back then. We played surveyor for a minute, and really enjoyed how interactive the entire museum is! We opened trees, and drawers, and did all sorts of things in just a few feet. There was an old style telephone there too, the kind with the little horn looking piece attached to a string that you pick up and hold next to your ear, while speaking into the stationary piece on the wall. Then we ventured outside across a suspension bridge, where we played umbrella swords with the complimentary umbrellas. My shy side totally tried to bubble to the surface! I totally wanted to pass on the sword game. I’m really glad I didn’t!

While I was there, I picked up several publications, like 101 things to do in Oregon! Let the adventures begin! In fact, if you want to see more of this particular adventure, and less of my personal story, check out my review on Yelp! While we’re on the topic of events tough, check out the Forest Center’s website for future events, like the Return from the Burn annual celebration.

Peninsula Park

Surely if you’re from Portland, you’re familiar with Peninsula Park, if you’re not, just stop reading this review, and go experience it for yourself. Peninsula is often called the Rose Garden, or Peninsula Rose Garden or something like that. This is one of the absolute best parks in Portland. I’ve been going since I was a kid, and it’s only gotten better.

The park is probably 5 square blocks. I don’t know and I’m bad at measuring, but that’s my guess. It’s a nice little stroll for me.

There’s a beautiful Rose Garden with a great big fountain centerpiece. A gazebo where I once performed a 2nd grade choir concert with St. Andrew’s in Portland, all the normal playground equipment, a splash pad, a baseball field, a pool, and restrooms, and free lunches and activities every day for kids! All of this is housed underneath a forest of beautiful old trees!

I’ve actually started visiting the park pretty often because my dad lives in the neighborhood and it’s just a great place to meet up with him and visit. I don’t have a phone plan currently, which really cuts down on my Yelp check-ins! There’s no wi-fi available at the park. My first visit with him there was with my sister Becca and my nephew Marcus. We put our feet into the fountain and visited with Dad while Marcus enjoyed the pristine blue water of the fountain, emphatically.

During my next few visits, I noticed that the water is getting dirtier and dirtier. We can still smell the chlorine, but we can no longer see the bottom. This led us to wondering if you really are allowed to swim in the fountain, and … that would be a no.

Really the parks department should look at the fact that there’s always a dozen or so people in the fountain and clean the water, it’s gross. Also, they should officially allow wading.

This last weekend we started at the fountain and made our way to the splash pad. We didn’t buy an ice cream from the pedler on a bicycle that sells them, but we have in the past, and he’s a pretty cool kid.

Honestly I don’t know what makes the water at the Splash Pad come one, but it seems to have to do with rubbing your hand in circles on top of the green sprinkler pole. At any rate, Malachai loves to run through the water! I love to run through it with him, because I always want him to remember running through that with his momma. I want him to run through it with his own kids!

We haven’t ever been there for the activities, but we did see signage for a tie dye event It wasn’t free though, I think it was .50 and a tee-shirt.